Do these 5 things while on vacation at home

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In the midst of the uncertain situation that is in the midst of a corona virus pandemic, people are advised not to spend much time outdoors. Including during the holiday season. It is recommended to spend time with family at home. Sound boring? Eits, who says holidays at home can’t be fun?

In addition to taking care of your health and stopping the spread of corona virus, reducing outdoor activities can be an option while on vacation. There are several activities you can try to do with family members to make your holiday moments more memorable. Of course, this is accompanied by the adoption of a clean lifestyle to stay healthy and prevent viral attacks.

Activities during Holidays at Home
There are several activities you can do to fill your vacation time at home. In addition to being fun, this method can also build intimacy among family members. What vacation home tips can you try?

1.Cooking and Baking

While on vacation at home, invite all family members to do fun activities, such as cooking or baking. To be healthier, choose the type of food that contains a lot of nutrients and then enjoy it with all family members at home.

2. Watching Movies

While on holiday at home, you can also spend time watching movies. Make the room as comfortable as possible to spend time together. You can also enjoy selected movies while enjoying previously made food or cakes.

3. Trying a New Hobby

Filling up time while on vacation can also be done by trying out a new hobby or a previously favorite hobby. Make the holidays more fun by doing fun activities with your loved ones. You can also try doing light exercise at home, as maintaining health and fitness is an important thing to do, even if you are on vacation.

4. Decorate the Room

The new year holiday feels perfect to be filled with new things including the atmosphere of home. Well, you can invite your parents or other family members to redecorate the house or assembly room. Home decorating can be done by painting, changing wall decorations, or simply pasting handicrafts while gathering with the family.

5. Family Health Checkup

In the midst of a vacation at home, it is not a loss to constantly monitor the situation of the family and the family itself. Especially if there is a reunion at home. Make sure all family members are always healthy, so that they do not transmit the virus that causes the disease to each other. To be sure, you can invite all family members to take an exam, for example a quick test.

Rapid tests or antibody tests are performed using blood samples. Later, the blood sample taken will be taken to the laboratory for observation. The goal is to detect the possible formation of antibodies produced by the body to fight the virus. Because, the formation of antibodies can be a sign that the body is trying to fight a virus or is reactive. In addition to rapid testing, you can also try other COVID-19 tests, namely PCR and antigen swabs.

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