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Winter dry skin care: Winter has arrived, the weather is getting dry. At the same time, your skin becomes dry. In winter, the skin becomes dry and rough. Due to the decrease in air humidity, the watery parts of the skin, like everything in nature, fly away and merge with the air. When the number of dryness increases, it causes various problems on the skin. Loss of beauty is also rampant. It is possible to keep the skin soft with a little care before the skin dryness becomes severe in the winter. Below are some suggestions.

Winter dry skin care

Lip care: Dryness of the lips increases drastically during this time along with the dryness of the body skin. Many people repeatedly wet their lips with their tongues during this time, which causes more damage to the soft skin of the lips. It is best to apply Vaseline or Merrill Petro-Liam Jelly on the lips repeatedly. If Vaseline tends to dry out, apply a concentrated Vaseline. Never try to pull dry thin skin on the top of the lips, it will increase the amount of damage.

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Use less soap: It is better to use less soap while bathing in winter. Because soap causes dry skin. In winter, the skin becomes dry naturally. Frequent use of soap increases the level of dryness. So use soap as little as possible in the shower or washing hands and face. If you have to use soap, then of course use glycerin -rich soap.

Use of glycerin: You can use glycerin regularly to get rid of dry skin in winter. Glycerin is the best moisturizer. Mix one part glycerin with two parts water and use. To get rid of the gummy taste of glycerin, apply a little glycerin on a wet towel or cloth and apply on the skin to get rid of the gummy gums.

The gummy taste of glycerin

Use hot water: Do not use hot water while bathing. Because hot water makes the skin drier. If you need to take a shower with hot water, then you must use a moisturizer after the shower if the skin feels wet. Apply moisturizer on hands, feet, face, and whole body. Keep in mind, moisturizers will not work after the skin is completely dry. Moisturizers should be used to maintain skin moisture.

Use of sunscreen: Don’t think winter is coming. No need to use sunscreen before going out in the sun. Before going out in the sun, you must apply a sunscreen on the skin. Although the winter sun creates a sweet atmosphere, it is harmful to the skin.

The sun’s ultra violet rays damage the skin. Skin cancer is not a strange thing. So if you want to protect the skin, it is better to use a cream that has a sunscreen factor or SPF. There are various levels of creams or lotions that are rich in SPF. However, according to researchers, the SPF-15-rich cream is safe for the skin.

Use of olive oil: In winter, the skin of the body will crack. It can cause various skin diseases. To prevent this condition, apply olive oil all over the body before bed at night to reduce skin dryness and keep the skin alive. Do not hesitate to consult a doctor if the amount of skin rash increases and the use of olive oil does not improve.

Finally, many people rub various vegetable and fruit juices on the skin to keep it beautiful. But various studies have shown that the juices of such vegetables or fruits do not really work on the skin, moreover the skin is blacker when lemon juice is rubbed on the outside. So be careful before applying vegetables or fruits on the skin.

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