Tips for Traveling in the Month of Ramadan Without Having to Cancel Fasting

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Fasting is not an excuse to be lazy. Despite fasting, you can still do some activities including traveling in the month of Ramadan. But how to keep fasting during the holidays?

Actually fasting should not be a hindrance for anyone who wants to travel, as long as it is done in the right way. Traveling or wandering while fasting may be more tiring and tiring than on normal days. However, travel can also have the opposite effect.

tips you can do when you want to travel in the fasting month. So that the trip remains fun without having to break.

Select a Destination with Cold Weather

If you want to travel while fasting, take note of the travel destinations you will choose. We recommend choosing a cool tourist attraction such as a forest or an easily accessible waterfall.

If you visit a tourist spot that tends to be hot, it will make your body feel thirsty and tired quickly.

Can be achieved

In addition to choosing a cool tourist destination, pay attention to road access to the place. Choose a tourist spot that does not require heavy effort to reach it. Although cold, it is still difficult to walk far.

Therefore, choose a tourist spot that is close to the parking area, so that you do not have to walk too far. You can also choose a place that provides easy transportation to your destination.

Better Go Morning or Evening

Another thing you need to consider too if you want to travel while fasting is your start time. The morning after the dawn prayer is the best time to start the journey, because besides the cold air and the sun has not yet risen, you also have a lot of energy.

If you go out in the afternoon and travel by motorcycle, the weather is very hot and you will easily feel thirsty. The evening is also a great time to start the trip as the weather is not too hot.

If you start the trip in the afternoon, you should bring food or drinks to anticipate if you are still traveling at break time and do not find a food or drink vendor.

Focus Driving

Among the common obstacles experienced by those who travel while fasting is drowsiness. If on a normal day the feeling of drowsiness can be overcome by drinking coffee, of course it cannot be done while fasting.
Therefore, it is important to maintain focus while driving. If you start to get sleepy, it is better to rest and do not force yourself.

Don’t Leave Your Worship

While on the way, don’t forget to pray five times. When hearing the call to prayer, immediately stop by the nearest mosque or surau for prayers, including tarawih and tadarus prayers. So that your journey is more comfortable and your worship remains fulfilled.

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